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I truly value the trust you place in me, and I feel very privileged with the opportunity you provide to me daily to help you find healthcare coverage that suits your personal needs.

Medicare is a very complex subject to navigate alone. I spent hundreds of hours of training and research to get licensed, and to stay up-to-date with Medicare so that I can serve you well. States and insurance companies around the nation have put their trust in Licensed Benefit Advisors like myself to help their citizens and clients each in their own unique way.

Thirty-two states so far have entrusted me each with their own Health Insurance License, and I’m striving to get licensed in all the fifty states. My primary and only objective is to keep your healthcare needs aligned with your healthcare benefits. Medicare plans do change every year, and so do our personal circumstances and health conditions. Whether you are new to Medicare, or have been a beneficiary for a number of years, my simple advice is to be very proactive and to be very engaged in your healthcare benefits. Take advantage of all the benefits and incentives offered to you by the insurance companies. Whether it’s vision benefits, dental benefits, prescription coverage or any other benefit, please do not hesitate to reach out to me for a stress-free, friendly chat about your healthcare needs, and I’ll explain to you how, with your permission, you and I can ultimately improve on what you already have.

Some of the things I love to do when I’m outside the office is cooking. Unfortunately, my wife tells me that I need to get a cooking license before she can allow me in her kitchen! I almost agree with her! Until then, I resolve to enjoying her delicious cooking every day until I get that license!

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Abdel Jorio

Abdel Jorio

Benefits Advisor | Licensed Sales Agent

844-233-2175ext. 98806

[email protected]

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West Virginia 19989866
Wisconsin 19989866
Washington 1117782
Virginia 1255357
Texas 2712569
Tennessee 3001447530
South Carolina 19989866
Pennsylvania 1019340
Oregon 19989866
Oklahoma 3001447695
Ohio 1380631
New York LA-1680278
Nevada 3709838
New Mexico 19989866
New Jersey 3001447755
North Carolina 19989866
Mississippi 10780137
Missouri 3001447756
Minnesota 40770855
Michigan 19989866
Massachusetts 19989866
Louisiana 927757
Kentucky DOI-1151674
Indiana 3710158
Illinois 19989866
Georgia 3446891
Florida W760089
Colorado 705543
California 4222131
Arizona 19989866
Arkansas 19989866
Alabama 3001450345
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