Allan Tate

My name is Allan F Tate II and I would be honored to be your licensed Medicare Benefits Advisor. The subject of Medicare and health insurance in general can be a very confusing and complicated topic to navigate, and I am here to help you make the best decision regarding your Medicare coverage. I am completing my first full year as a full time Licensed Medicare Benefits Advisor, and during my first year I have assisted hundreds of Medicare beneficiaries just like yourself make the right decision regarding their Medicare coverage. The majority of my professional career has been customer service and sales related, and the transition to the Medicare field is a challenge that I take on wholeheartedly with a willingness to listen, learn, and advise. I look forward to working for you as your licensed Medicare Benefits Advisor and building a long lasting and productive relationship with you and other Medicare beneficiaries that I am fortunate enough to speak with.

Email Allan Tate 1 336-435-5800 ext. 58402
Allan Tate

Allan Tate

Benefits Advisor | Licensed Sales Agent

1 336-435-5800ext. 58402

[email protected]

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North Carolina 19513159
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Michigan 19513159
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Maryland 3001226096
Massachusetts 19513159
Louisiana 860272
Kentucky DOI-1088052
Kansas 19513159
Indiana 3555183
Illinois 19513159
Idaho 836569
Iowa 19513159
Hawaii 530774
Georgia 3347183
Florida W662213
Delaware 3001226104
District of Columbia 3001226071
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