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My name is Tanya Plew and I am your Medicare Benefits Advisor! I absolutely love that I get to use my Medicare knowledge to help my clients get the most from their Medicare. Whether it is answering the hard questions, making sure your Medicare is working for you or simply making sure you can get the care you need... I am your girl!

I support my two beautiful children by doing what I love. It is the best of both worlds. So, if you think something is not working out right with your Medicare insurance, give me a call!

Thank you!

Email Tanya Plew 503-713-0430 ext. 30430
Tanya Plew

Tanya Plew

Benefits Advisor | Licensed Sales Agent

503-713-0430ext. 30430

[email protected]

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North Carolina 19091037
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Michigan 19091037
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Massachusetts 19091037
Louisiana 819693
Kentucky DOI-1070907
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Indiana 3514443
Illinois 19091037
Idaho 752051
Iowa 19091037
Hawaii 505841
Georgia 3264789
Florida W561694
Delaware 3001156095
District of Columbia 3001187623
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Colorado 631868
California 0M95590
Arizona 19091037
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