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Alex Knight

My goal as a Benefits Advisor is to help my clients navigate their Medicare options and find the plan that suits their needs best. I know the world of Medicare can seem confusing at times, so I’m always happy to inform, and offer advice.

My strengths as a Benefits Advisor are my compassion and my knowledge. I’m ready to take the time to help you find peace of mind.

When I’m not working I enjoy working out, reading, and cooking.

Email Alex Knight 1 469-680-0340 ext. 00340

Alex Knight

Benefits Advisor | Licensed Sales Agent

1 469-680-0340ext. 00340

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State license numbers

Wisconsin 19799536
Washington 1092391
Virginia 1220718
Texas 2628473
Tennessee 3001184545
South Carolina 19799536
Pennsylvania 987162
Oregon 19799536
Oklahoma 3001187859
Ohio 1344809
New York LA-1647694
New Mexico 19799536
New Jersey 3001184506
North Carolina 19799536
Mississippi 10735224
Missouri 3001184515
Minnesota 40726775
Michigan 19799536
Louisiana 911156
Kentucky DOI-1121012
Kansas 19799536
Indiana 3702435
Illinois 19799536
Georgia 3401813
Florida W734199
Colorado 679363
California 4107583
Arizona 19799536
Arkansas 19799536
Alabama 3001224464
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