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Allison Ross


Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit more about myself. I have had the privilege of helping Medicare eligible individuals just like yourself for over a year now.

I enjoy what I do and ALWAYS do my best to answer questions and discover what plan would fit YOUR needs best in your area by educating you on all the options available to you. I would love to have the opportunity to earn your trust and business, and show you just how exceptional working with me can be.

Outside of helping Medicare beneficiaries, you can find me spending quality time with my fiancé of over 12 years, or trying out a new restaurant in my city.

Email Allison Ross 1 503-713-0357 ext. 30357

Allison Ross

Benefits Advisor | Licensed Sales Agent

1 503-713-0357ext. 30357

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Wyoming 458958
West Virginia 19474256
Wisconsin 19474256
Washington 1053508
Virginia 1169734
Utah 776193
Texas 2517231
Tennessee 2478958
South Dakota 40587718
South Carolina 19474256
Rhode Island 3001223376
Pennsylvania 941430
Oregon 19474256
Oklahoma 3000850507
Ohio 1290223
New York LA-1597747
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New Mexico 19474256
New Jersey 3000850511
New Hampshire 19474256
Nebraska 19474256
North Dakota 19474256
North Carolina 19474256
Montana 3001223588
Mississippi 10677719
Missouri 3000850485
Minnesota 40682907
Michigan 19474256
Maine PRN377972
Maryland 3001223578
Massachusetts 2114758
Louisiana 876933
Kentucky DOI-1083042
Kansas 19474256
Indiana 3542614
Illinois 19474256
Idaho 836321
Iowa 19474256
Hawaii 530637
Georgia 3343873
Florida W655478
Delaware 3001223545
District of Columbia 3001223514
Connecticut 19474256
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California 4045947
Arizona 19474256
Arkansas 19474256
Alabama 3000854862
Alaska 3001223439
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